Monday, December 15, 2014

Cat Shelf Product Video (Draft/Early Release)

Since the beginning of this project, we've seen some amazing interest in this product and I still really enjoy making these on the side. To date, we've sold 76 of these so far!!

I still can't make them fast enough, but that's a really good problem to have... :-)

So far, I've gone through countless changes and improvements to make the whole process more efficient, most of it within the CNC programs to improve tool life and surface quality of the parts that come out of the machine. Better quality means less sanding later on. That's looking pretty good right now...

We've also added a new, really helpful item to the mix, which I've been pondering for quite some time. It's basically a drum sander, with nothing but a drum, to accept the wavy shapes and some serious dust collection. I mean serious. Since there is nothing on the market like this, I built my own - out of a HF mini lathe, some 4" pvc pipe to make up the drum and some smaller pvc piping parts for dust collection.

Anyways, long story short - during all this, I've decided to make a video of the whole process. There has been plenty of opportunity in the late night breaks when the machine was running to work on this. Now about 8 weeks in the making, there is still a lot missing that I wanted to have in there, but at some point you have to let it go. So here it is, this is how we make them (preliminary release):


  1. What an interesting and innovative idea. It's no wonder these are selling so well. Quality work.