Wednesday, June 25, 2014

And so it starts...

Hi there :-)
 this blog will be about a certain DIY CNC machine - or trying to build a business around it if you will. The machine is called a 'Momus' and what you can make with one of these. If you're interested in these types of homebrew CNC machines, that's a good thing - head over to the, there's several designs and 1000's of good people over there that will help you out, answer questions if you have any and gladly take you where you want to be in the CNC world.

A few years ago, I landed there by accident - learned about CNC and fell in love with the entire concept. Mixing that up with traditional woodworking techniques intrigued me even more.
Long story short, I was a somewhat seasoned woodworker at the time and once I came across that idea, I decided to build one and also documented every step of the way over at the cnc-zone:
This was nearly two years ago and it took me just about the same time to perfect the Momus CNC in a way that it might just be suitable to start a business with it.

This blog will not be about building the Momus but more about how to make things with it, methods , techniques and limitations and how to market new products as they come out of the machine.

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