Thursday, June 26, 2014

The neighbours daugther

In the spirit of this blog, I have a lot of catching up to do - to show you past projects and get to the present. I'll try to post one project per day until we're caught up and up to date. So here we go:

My good friend DJ next door asked me to do a ceiling rosette for his newborn daughter that would provide the base for a chandelier they had purchased for the new baby's room. He planned to silver leaf it himself, so the finish was no issue. I chose to make it out of one of those 3/4" aspen boards from Lowes. The lettering had to read: "Sweet Dreams Paisley". The customer didn't really know what the whole thing needed to look like, so I came up with this, and they really liked it.

Cutting this was fairly easy, I used a 1/4" ballnose for the roughing and and a 3mm BN for the finish. The lettering was then carved in later with a 90deg v-bit I got years ago in a set from Sears

Those hold-down clamps you see are pretty cool, you can get a whole set of these for cheap at harbor freight.

Finally, I went all around it for profiling with 3 sturdy tabs to hold in place using a 1/4" end mill.

It wasn't until a few days later, when the neighbor called me over to see the final product, silver leaved by him / awesome job and mounted on the ceiling with the chandelier. Anyways, it worked out and everyone was happy :-)
Well, here comes the first sales pitch though (remember, this is to become a business at some point :-):
If you would like me to carve you one of these, I'd like to extend to you an introductory offer for $85 a piece, plus shipping. You get to choose the design and of course the wording/lettering as well.
I will e-mail you back with a 3D rendering of the final product, to be approved by you before it is made out of real wood. Of course, you can also choose the font for the lettering. This will arrive at your doorstep unfinished, for you to paint yourself if you like, if you want me to put a professional finish on it for a little extra, just let me know.

So far, I can stain it to make it look like mahogany, oak, walnut or red cherry, or silver/gold leaved - totally up to you... :-)

You can choose any rosette type designs from:


  1. Mac, this is amazing! I never would have thought about using a CNC to carve a ceiling medallion but it is so obvious. How do you like using the aspen?

    1. Hi Jim! :-) Thank you. Aspen is a very soft wood (softer than pine, almost like Basswood), has almost no grain and no knots usually, so it machines nicely using a downcut bit for profiling. Finishing it is another story, it blotches like crazy when staining, so using a sanding sealer is highly recommended.

  2. Thanks Mac for the beautiful medallion you made for Paisley's chandelier . It was the perfect way to finish up her new room.