Monday, May 2, 2016

Cat Shelves III: We're on national TV!

It's been a while, but here's a quick update: So far, we've sold and produced a total of 221 cat shelves on this idea, shipping to states all over the US - even to Europe and a few to Asia and Australia also, making a lot of cats and their owners really happy. :-)

To date, we've had not a single complaint about the quality of our work or the mounting system that we came up with and got a lot of positive and sometimes even raving reviews online. We gained the full 5 star rating on Etsy through all of this, which is a rare accomplishment in itself, yay! :-) To see the individual comments, please click here:

Our customers so far have requested some interesting combinations, all of which we have been able to produce. We can now combine any of the 18 different stains we have available with any of the carpet offers, as well as custom combinations. One of the most memorable combinations was a really shaggy carpet on a walnut stain. Another one was an antique look with sisal carpet, we've got this one in a million picture for feedback on one of our cradles, sooooo cute :-)

Needless to say, we are pretty proud of what we've accomplished so far, thanks to the Momus CNC Design. The only sad news is that we've had to raise the prices for them repeatedly over the past 6 months, because our order intake was overwhelming our little shop a couple of times and it seems to be getting worse (or better, from our side of the fence). We just can't keep up, but that's just economics 101. The cost to make these is relatively high (to get the bare wood, buy all the hardware, sanding and finishing supplies, stock all the shipping supplies on top of the overhead to sell, etc.), which we really underestimated in the beginning, and still are...

However, the good news is: The producers of the show "My Cat From Hell" on Animal Planet have contacted us a couple of months ago for a possible feature of our product and we committed, not knowing what is going to happen from there. The show has consistently delivered more than 1 million world wide viewers per episode last year - which was kind of scary for us, but in a good way!

This last weekend, we got some exciting news:
Our shelves will be featured in Season 8, Episode 9 of Jackson Galaxy's show My Cat from Hell on the Animal Planet Channel and it's going to air for the first time on Saturday, 28th of May (2016) - at 8pm EST / 7pm central. Wow!

Please be sure to watch this one...
We will watch it too and think about all the cats, that our little idea made a whole lot happier over the course of this project. :-)

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  1. UPDATE....
    The show has been bumped because of memorial day, it is now scheduled to air on Saturday, 4th of June instead, same channel, at 8pm EST / 7pm central.